Lycon Waxing


Lycon waxing is one of our most requested beauty services at Glitterati Beauty & Spa. This premium wax is gentle on the skin while delivering powerful results leaving skin smooth and soft. The product has been formulated to reduce the pain associated with waxing.

We offer a complete service menu of Lycon waxing services in both strip and hot wax for men and women including full body, facial and intimate areas.

Waxing will never be the same again!

Lycon Wax is extremely popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Minnie Driver. Australia’s Lycon Wax contains the finest resins, natural ingredients & aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing hairs as short as 1mm. Also, with its low temperature it provides a much more comfortable treatment than most standard wax procedures.

The wax literally shrink wraps around the hair and does not stick to the skin. When the wax is removed it pulls from the very root of the hair follicle, removing the dermal-papilla. This will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness and the painful sting associated with strip waxing, therefore leads to softer smoother skin for longer.

Here at Glitterati we use 2 different methods for waxing, Lycon Hot Wax & Lycon Strip Waxing methods with Hot Wax being used on more sensitive areas for more advanced waxing treatments

Hot Wax versus Strip Wax

The main difference is that the hot wax method involves melting the wax prior to use, then applying to the skin. As the hot wax cools it constricts around the hairs trapping them for removal. Once the wax is hard the therapist pulls the wax away leaving the skin clean and hair free.

With the standard strip wax method the wax is applied then removed using a fabric strip.

Lycon Strip Waxing

This is the most popular method of waxing. We use Lycon Strip wax for this method of hair removal.Warm wax is smoothed onto the skin in a thin layer with a spatula and immediately covered with a fabric or paper strip which is pressed/rubbed onto the waxed area before being removed in a quick swipe. Strip waxing is quicker than hot wax and larger areas can be waxed at one go.

Lycon Strip Wax Spa Therapist Senior Therapist Master Therapist
Bikini £21 £24 £27
Extended Bikini £26 £29 £32
Brazilian £32 £35 £38
Hollywood £39 £42 £45
Half Leg £29 £32 £35
3/4 Leg £34 £37 £40
Full Leg £40 £43 £46
Half Leg & Bikini £43 £46 £49
Half Leg & Brazilian £53 £56 £59
Half Leg & Hollywood £58 £61 £64
Full Leg & Bikini £53 £56 £59
Full Leg & Brazilian £63 £66 £69
Full Leg & Hollywood £68 £71 £74
Underarm £18 £21 £24
Forearm £21 £24 £27
Full Arm £30 £33 £36
Lip or Chin £13 £16 £19
Lip & Chin £19 £22 £25
Eyebrow £18 £21 £24
Lip & Eyebrow £24 £27 £30

Lycon Hot Waxing

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon hot wax delivers superior performance removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.It does take a little longer and requires a therapist with extra special training, so please be sure to specify when booking your appointment.

Lycon Hot Wax Spa Therapist Senior Therapist Master Therapist
Bikini £28 £31 £34
Extended Bikini £33 £36 £39
Brazilian £39 £42 £45
Hollywood £45 £48 £51
Underarm £22 £25 £28
Lip or Chin £18 £21 £24
Lip & Chin £24 £27 £30
Eyebrow £22 £25 £28
Lip & Eyebrow £30 £33 £36

Intimate Waxing Explained

Bikini Wax

The best way to think about a bikini wax is imagining the removal of hairs outside the knicker line. Its neatens up your intimate area and hairs can then be kept shorter with regular bikini waxes.

Extended Bikini Wax

If you think of a Bikini wax, the extended bikini wax just takes the sides of the hair in shorter and occasionally some off of the top also. This creates a more defined ‘triangular’ shape.

Brazillian Wax

This waxing design removes all of the intimate hair (even underneath)! A small strip of hair is left at the front which is usually about 1cm thick. This method was first thought up in Brazil as Brazillian women spent most of their days in their Bikini’s!

Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood wax is the complete removal of all intimate hair (front, back and underneath)

Pre waxing advice and aftercare

  • Your body will be more sensitive if you are stressed so we suggest you arrive in plenty of time so you can rest a moment, cool down and be relaxed before your hair removal treatment.
  • Avoid heat treatments and vigorous exercise 8 hours before or after your wax.
  • For facial waxing please do not use products or medication that include vitamins which can thin the skin (i.e. products that contain AHA’s. This may lead to the skin becoming fragile and may cause skin to lift off during waxing treatments.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight and away from sun beds for 24 hours before and after treatments.
  • Use a sensitive deodorant for around 2 – 3 days after waxing. Avoid bathing with very hot water.
  • Wear loose clothing on the day of your appointment. And avoid wearing your best underwear for a bikini wax.

Treat someone special

Why not treat someone special and share your pampering with a friend or your partner? Book our double treatment room or upgrade to a Premium or Luxury package (includes champagne, chocolates and more). Please ask at reception when booking for more details or you can discover more here…


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