Skin Visia Analysis

Using state of the art equipment to see directly under the skins surface and accurately access the condition of congestion, redness, sun damage, skin texture, open pores and much more. We advise you to return every six months for a second analysis to monitor the improvements.

What happens during a Skin visia analysis?

The Visia analysis will take approximately 45 minutes. It is a good idea to bring your current skin-care, make up, nutrition and medication to the appointment. We prefer for you not have washed you hair for 24 hours prior as the chemicals present in your shampoo can sit in your skin. We will ask you to remove your make-up before we analyse your skin or if you can arrive with no make-up on that would be preferable.

The consultation will start with you filling in a form and providing us with as much information about your skin as possible.

Your skin specialist will then ask you to place your chin on to the head rest on the edge of the Skin visia analysis machine, you will close your eyes and images of your skin will be taken. Once these images are processed your results will be discussed with you. If there is a specific skin concern you are looking to treat then we can tailor your skincare and salon program to ensure that we are working to achieve the best and most realistic results, these can be evidenced and monitored through quarterly skin visia analysis consultations.

Our clients are able to feel confident and reassured because we are able to not only show them that their skin conditions have improved, but also document the evidence and take a closer look beneath the skin.

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